Mathews – Dickey Boys & Girls Club


Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO


30 Acres




Master Planning
Sports Facility Planning

Bob Russell Park, owned by the Mathews-Dickey Boys & Girls Club, proposes to renovate the existing 30-acre park and sports complex located in North County St. Louis.

The park, which sits adjacent to Ferguson, Dellwood and Moline Acres would provide a large centrally located destination for children and youth to be active, play, hang-out with friends and family and earn funds.

Presently an overgrown and underused park, the design proposes merging and shifting of existing fields and demolishing a dilapidated concession stand to create: a large Major League Baseball-style field with bleachers, dugouts and lighting; youth baseball and softball fields; a multipurpose fi eld for football and soccer with bleachers and lighting; a new concession stand and restroom facility; and improved circulation and parking. The proposal also maintains existing tree grove areas and a buffer from Maline Creek on the northern portion of the site.

This proposal would transform an eyesore into a high-use, active landscape and community asset that falls in-line with the Mathews-Dickey mission “to produce physically active, well-educated and hopeful youth with families at the center of [their] efforts.”