Alpha Beer Garden


Alpha Brewing Company


St. Louis, MO


2,100 SF


Spring 2019


Landscape Architecture
Beer Garden Design

With its move from Washington Avenue in downtown to Fyler Avenue in the Tower Grove South neighborhood of St. Louis, Alpha Brewing Company upgraded to a much larger venue with space for a tap room, event space, production brewery, and most excitingly, room for an outdoor beer garden. The new patio and beer garden, nestled between the tap room and brewery buildings and perched above the street, is envisioned as a true garden – a space surrounded by shade and lush plantings for visitors to enjoy seasonally.

In keeping with the nautical theme of the interior murals, the patio space was designed as a series of circular “bubble” rooms that create distinct spaces within the patio’s small footprint. The bubble rooms include a building side food ordering and seating area, a garden seating zone and a separated fire pit node. The bubbles are distinguished using various concrete finishes: smooth, integral color, exposed gravel and stamped concrete.

The patio also has planter bed bubbles that provide screening and shade between distinct areas. These planted bubbles and the curvilinear perimeter planting bed use native and low-maintenance groundcovers and grasses to provide screening and enclosure. Shade and additional visual interest are provided by a mix of Paperbark Maple, River Birch, Redbuds and Serviceberry trees – all trees with interesting bark textures and/or vibrant fall color.