Manchester Avenue Planters


The Grove Community Improvement District


St. Louis, MO


1 Mile




Streetscape Design
Planting Plan

Manchester Avenue, the heart of The Grove Entertainment district is a mile-long vibrant and diverse commercial corridor.

Like many St. Louis neighborhoods, the Grove experienced urban decline in the 1950s but it has since bounced back to become a one-of- a-kind destination for food, nightlife and entertainment.

Unfortunately the vibrancy of Manchester Avenue’s businesses and events is not reflected in its streetscape. A state roadway designed principally to move vehicular traffic, the street lacks comfortable pedestrian walks, continuous bicycle lanes, space for outdoor dining, street trees and plantings.

Manchester Avenue Planters is a Phase I streetscape improvement plan to bring life, color and seasonal interest to the street using the exiting planters. Each planter is planted with a semi-evergreen Liriope border that frames a collection of bright flowering annual plants within. The interior floral display can be refreshed seasonally and replanted annually to bring a continuous bright and festive appearance to the street