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The Knight Hall Welcome Court is one of four major points of arrival at Washington University in St. Louis. Located at the western end of Throop Drive, adjacent to Millbrook Parking Garage, the court replaces an existing plaza (designed by Arbolope principals) and serves an important ceremonial arrival point for visitors, alumni and other members of the WUSTL community to the Knight Executive Education & Conference Center, and to the Knight Hall, part of the distinguished Olin Business School.

Forming the western end of the One-Way Throop Drive improvements, the Welcome Court required significant modifications from the existing plaza to accommodate a new vehicular turn-around and drop-off. The court’s new design is principally driven by four themes- use, circulation, sustainable design and safety.

One of only a few open spaces along Throop Drive, the Knight Hall Welcome Court provides spaces for gathering as well as clear pathways to a number of area destinations. Paths for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles are clearly indicated with materials changes, pavement markings and signage which provide for legible and safe circulation around and through the court.

The plaza’s plantings serve a variety of functions including shade for pedestrians and cyclists, seasonal interest, and reinforcing the University’s commitment to sustainability.